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“Hey… You’re Not Dave Chappelle…”

A hastily-crafted “proof of concept” cartoon I made last year for Something Else: What a hack.

“Addicted to Love” Legs

This is what I was looking for last week when I was searching for something to put on the site. It’s not new, I know, but it’s still cool in my book. It’s a motion-tweened, rotoscoped pair of lady’s legs … Continue reading

My Room, Two Years Ago

I found this on my hard drive while looking for something to update the site with. It’s a scrolling image of a 360 panoramic of my old room, in the apartment before the apartment before my current apartment. In other … Continue reading

Coolmongous – “I Am a Small Family”

Two updates in two days?! Blasphemy! I played it in between some songs in my show the other day. It’s part of a series.

Updating! Huzzahs!!

I’ll be updating the site this weekend, changing the theme to something a little cleaner and more Web 2.0, whatever that means. If something weird happens when you visit or things don’t look right, don’t fret, the theme ought to … Continue reading

Robusteza Verde

If ever you can’t think of a worthy name for something, just use the interweb to find out how to say it in a different language. First class all the way, captain.

More and More…

A Picture of Me If I Were a Robot

This would be my self-portrait if I were a yellow robot. Yes, of course, I would have a screen on my chest. Yes, no doubt, I would have a row of red Walkman buttons below it. Click the pic to … Continue reading

Beer Flakes

Here’s a quick animation of a character I made for the last two seconds of a sketch. Huzzah! Stars all around!

RoBump Wallpaper

This is the wallpaper on my desktop currently. It features RoBump, a robot who loves to dance but falls apart too easily. I’m a big fan of his work. Clicking = making bigger. The resolution is 1280×800, but feel free … Continue reading