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After a couple months of work and a last minute (but much needed) hosting switch, my latest project has been unleashed upon the internet. Say hello to Studio8.net’s brand new, WordPress-powered site: http://www.studio8.net/

Hansel Memo Pads

My girlfriend, in a never-ending quest to take cooler classes than me when I was in college, made me some memo pads with a Flash tracing of Hansel on them for a Comp Apps Graphic Arts assignment. Coolio.

Dino Tweets

Here’s the product of my experimentation with SimplePie, a PHP class for parsing RSS feeds. http://dinotweets.iamnotagoodartist.com/ It’s called “Dino Tweets” and it collects the six most recent, public, English Twitter tweets containing the word “dinosaurs” and displays them next to … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day and an Updated About Page

Yes, it was last weekend, but I don’t think it’s too late to post these drawings I emailed to people on Valentine’s Day. They’re so punny! More importantly, I’ve updated my about page (AKA “Oh, Hello there…”) to include my … Continue reading

iamnotagoodartist Stickers

My fantastic girlfriend made me these iamnotagoodartist robot stickers for her flexography class. They are from a design I drew in Flash, are three inches in diameter, and very well may be the best stickers ever printed. Want some? Contact … Continue reading


Just practicing.

LP Shirts

I made some shirt designs for the Launching Pad, the all-ages venue where they had the Young Musician’s Club and I had my Tommies show. The place is closing in a month, due to a variety of sad reasons, so … Continue reading

Numbers Don’t Lie

This Shit Happened on the Internet

Today’s episode of “This Shit Happened on the Internet” takes its dialogue from a forum conversation and features a guy named Michael, whom I totally didn’t trace.

Some Bears I Drew Today

And a tracing: