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After a couple months of work and a last minute (but much needed) hosting switch, my latest project has been unleashed upon the internet. Say hello to Studio8.net’s brand new, WordPress-powered site: http://www.studio8.net/

WordPress: Excluding Categories on Secondary Front Pages

More precisely, this tutorial covers how to exclude categories on paged front pages, index.php, beyond the first default listing. Excluding certain categories from the front page is a pretty easy task, just use the query_posts() function to remove those categories … Continue reading

WordPress: How to Sort Category Archive Posts by Subcategory

By default, WordPress sorts posts in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post being at the top and the least recent at the bottom. Normally, that’s totally cool, since that’s the way we’ve been accustomed to reading blogs, but … Continue reading

Beeftrain 2.0

I’ve updated the old Beeftrain Incident site to run on WordPress, lovingly dubbing it “Beeftrain 2.0.” It comes complete with an index page video box (a la the P! Company), an organized video category listing, non-IE-compliant PNG drop shadows, and … Continue reading


Woah, buddy, I haven’t posted on here in awhile. What have I been working on? I’ll tell you! We used to have this game on the Something Else forums where we’d collectively write a cheesy romance story, with each person … Continue reading

The Young Musician’s Club WordPress Site

The Young Musician’s Club is a not-for-profit summer program for teenage rock musicians here in Muncie. Now in its third year, the program gets young, aspiring musicians together to socialize and start bands, all in a safe, structured environment where … Continue reading

The P! Company

Good news, everyone! This week marks the launch of the new website I made for the P! Company, a sketch comedy group from Austin, Texas. Their previous site ran on WordPress, like this one, so I jumped at the opportunity … Continue reading

iamnotagoodartist 2.0

For those who care, the new theme has been installed and the WordPress software has been updated to the most recent release. I’ve installed some plug-ins to help share posts and get notified if someone responds to your comments. Please … Continue reading

Updating! Huzzahs!!

I’ll be updating the site this weekend, changing the theme to something a little cleaner and more Web 2.0, whatever that means. If something weird happens when you visit or things don’t look right, don’t fret, the theme ought to … Continue reading