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Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery (Smashing Magazine)

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine and it went live last night. It’s about writing JavaScript bookmarklets using the jQuery framework. Go read it! Your brain will get wrinklier. Link: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/05/23/make-your-own-bookmarklets-with-jquery/ [5/25/10] Another coder gent wrote a similarly titled … Continue reading

Black People and White People Shaking Hands (dot com)

A satire* of corporate buzzword culture. Synergy. Blogosphere. Continue reading

Movie Monster

Auto-Hiding “Back to Top” Link with jQuery

A common usability feature on a lot of sites is a “Back to top” link at the bottom of long pages, allowing users to quickly get back to the start of the document without scrolling.


Hey! This site doesn’t exist anymore. It had a good run.

Symposium Digital Posters

Display four different, looping, auto-playing PowerPoint/Keynote presentations on four displays. These presentations will be populated with text and graphics supplied by various academic people, and odds are good that the info will need to be occasionally updated and/or everything can be repurposed later. Continue reading

CSS Killswitch

CSS Killswitch works by creating a unique, inconspicuous, and innocuous stylesheet that you’ll link the potentially problematic client’s site to. Should negotiations go south and passwords get changed before you receive payment, that stylesheet can be activated to superficially black out the site, returning to you the upper hand. Continue reading

The Misunderstoods

The Misunderstoods are a “collection of young…well relatively young actors, comedians, filmmakers, scholars, waiters, Web PR sales associates, athletes, lovers, haters, activists, bigots, musicians, dreamers, and all around fun people.” They hail from New York and LA and recently garnered … Continue reading

EMI President’s Update

A little something something I made for work. Bullet Points: Fixed navigation with jQ scrolling swfobject-called video player Gracefully degrading Browser size layout optimization (resize your window to see the content rearrange) Built with PHP and jQuery Link: http://emergingmediainitiative.com/update/

What Page of Google Am I On?

… It’s called “What Page of Google Am I On?” and is an SEO tool and web application for determining where a site ranks for a given query in Google… Continue reading