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Airplane Programming Challenge

Challenge: Make something cool, from scratch, while on an airplane. Start when electronics are allowed and end when they’re not. End Product airplanechallenge.html

This project didn’t take off like I wanted it to and Italian domain names are expensive… So I let it die. If you have any interest in taking its reigns, contact me. (pronounced “big image it”) is an image … Continue reading


My Name Is Tommy

Things We Do

Things We Do is a visualized, folksonomy’d work task inventory. It allows for teams to list the things they do and see how these things interrelate, associate, and affect workload.

Black People and White People Shaking Hands (dot com)

A satire* of corporate buzzword culture. Synergy. Blogosphere. Continue reading

Movie Monster


Hey! This site doesn’t exist anymore. It had a good run.

Symposium Digital Posters

Display four different, looping, auto-playing PowerPoint/Keynote presentations on four displays. These presentations will be populated with text and graphics supplied by various academic people, and odds are good that the info will need to be occasionally updated and/or everything can be repurposed later. Continue reading

CSS Killswitch

CSS Killswitch works by creating a unique, inconspicuous, and innocuous stylesheet that you’ll link the potentially problematic client’s site to. Should negotiations go south and passwords get changed before you receive payment, that stylesheet can be activated to superficially black out the site, returning to you the upper hand. Continue reading